Thursday, May 22, 2008

the skirts

Well, I am so behind on editing, calling people back, answering emails and updating the blog.
But I had to post a couple of these new skirts, I am loving them. Skye & I bought about 10 each.
I hope I don' t get sick of them too soon.
The quality is not as good, because I had my ISO at 640 and I don't have the D3 yet:(
But wanted to post them anyway.


ashlee said...

LOVE the new skirts! My friend came to you yesterday and told me you put her daughter in this set up... so freaking cute! Becky loves her pictures as well... you are awesome! When you are not so crazy call me so we can get you in again :)

chloereeseblog said...


I love these! So funky and frilly at the same time. Super cute stuff - as usual.

Mandy said...

The skirts are SO cute. I love Mia in these pics. They are both adorable.