Tuesday, November 25, 2008

our new addition

I'm sorry I have been neglecting the blog. It is down to crunch time, staying up until 3:00am editing, trying to get everyone's pictures done. But I had to post our new little arrival, Bella. Wow cats are so easy, it took us a year to house train our dog. Bella was trained from the first day she got here. We love her. (this is what I get when I am baby hungry)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Matilda Jane

Yeah, we finally got our Matilda Jane clothes. Thanks Angie for letting me come.
For those of you who know Mya, then you know she is at a really naughty stage in her life, and hates getting her pictures. Jess can attest to that when she did our family pictures. So to get these shots of her being on her good behavior really made my day. She only lasted about 15 min:)

bateman family


bryelle, madalyn & henry

I cant believe Henry is walking already. Jennifer, you always dress your kidos so cute!


Love these girls, they have been coming for years, and we have loved watching them grow up.

jake & max

Saturday, November 15, 2008


wow look at those eyelashes, doesn't it always seem like the boys get them.

woodley family

So it was freezing the day we shot this cute family. Camryn and Kate did so well I couldn't believe it. Aren't they so dang cute, we did have a melt down at the end.